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Welcome to beegone® Honeybee removal

We specialise in the removal of honeybees from chimneys and all other location they colonise on buildings without using insecticide or pesticides. The bees and honeycomb are extracted and relocated. We then proof the structure to prevent more returning.

We believe in honeybees and ethical removal which is why Beegone® are the UKs only bee specialist firm.  If you don’t want to contaminate the environment, kill other bees or let insecticide enter the human food chain you have come to the right place.

How we work here at beegone®

  1. We identify your specific bee problem if you are not sure – if you are,  please complete the online form.
  2. We carry out a site consultation and survey to identify what needs doing  – here is why we need to do that.
  • Possible site risks like -asbestos, wiring cables, working at height,
  • To identify what access may be needed – which we provide in house.
  • To significantly reduce likelihood of people getting stung during bee removal.
  • To guarantee no other bees return after extraction.
  • To provide expert leading advise on removal and prevention.
  • Drone surveys are carried out on chimneys for  bee removal from chimneys.
  • To carry out the work effectively and rapidly in one day!
  • To send you a proper fixed and detailed quotation with supporting images following the consultation.

Why Beegone® are not like pest control bee removal companies…

  • During extraction we don’t use pesticides on the honeycomb or bees.
  • The environment is never at risk during bee removal work.
  • Access is provided by us via cherry picker or tower scaffold.
  • Building work is done by us to remove the bees from their challenging location.
  • We guarantee other bees won’t re-colonise the same location by our unique bee prevention.
  • Typical Guarantees run from 3 – 20 years!
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Areas Covered Include

We cover all areas in England and parts of Wales and Scotland, including but not limited to: London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol, Wigan, Doncaster, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Nottingham, Luton, Wokingham, Guildford, Cheltenham, Dover, Exeter And Blackburn

Benefits of BeeGone

Safe bee extraction on your site, you’ll know you’re in good hands.Wherever they are we can each them and get them out, even if you’ve been told they cannot be moved! Here at BeeGone we guarantee that no further swarms will enter this space and re-colonise. Guaranteed

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Why Use BeeGone?

At BeeGone honeybee removal, we truly understand how precious our bees are. We remove bees alive & relocate from chimneys, roofs, walls & trees. No insecticide is used and prevention is guaranteed. We are insured to carry out bee removal and minor building works. We also use safe access including machinery and tower scaffolding.

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