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Get Rid of Bees in a Non-Lethal, Safe & Ethical Way

We get rid of bees from all areas in buildings, trees or any other place they may end up.

Here at Beegone®, we don’t use insecticide and we remove and re-locate bees without destroying them. This is more effective then using insecticide anyway. Using insecticide is illegal in most cases and seriously damaging to the environment.

 It will also make the problem worse, especially if you have bees getting in to the property already, using insecticide will actually make more bees come inside as they try to get away from the insecticide and they become angry.

 The insecticide may kill off the colony however it will leave long lasting damage to the environment. The smell of residue the treated colony leaves is attractive to other honeybees. Eventually more swarming bees will re-colonise in the same place. During this time foraging honeybees from other established colonies near by will steal the honey and introduce it to their own hives, which means insecticide can then end up in our human food chain.

This is why it is illegal, you can be fined up to £25,000 for treating bees in the UK.

If you know what species of bee you have, click the button to see how to deal with them.

In a Chimney

How To Remove

Bees In a Wall

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Bees In a Roof

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A Bee Swarm

How To Remove

Although the number of insects may vary, what one do yours look like the most?

Honey Bee


Bumble Bee

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