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We save bees!

Get rid of bees in a non-lethal, safe and ethical way

There are a number of different risks in removing bees so it’s important that you take your time to read the risks and possible effects it could have.

We get rid of bees from all areas in buildings, trees or any other place they may end up.

Here at Beegone®, we don’t use insecticides and we remove and re-locate bees without destroying them. Using insecticides is illegal in most cases and seriously damaging to the environment.

It will also make the problem worse, especially if you have bees getting in to the property already, using insecticide will actually make more bees come inside as they try to get away from the insecticide and they become angry.
The insecticide may kill off the colony however it will leave long lasting damage to the environment. The smell of residue the treated colony leaves is attractive to other honeybees. Eventually more swarming bees will re-colonise in the same place. During this time foraging honeybees from other established colonies nearby will steal the honey and introduce it to their own hives, which means insecticide could then end up in our human food chain.

The U.N. have reported that of the 100 crop species that provide 90 percent of the world’s food, more than 70 percent are pollinated by bees. This is why it is vitally important that we take care when removing honeybees from an environment.

You can get fined up to £25,000 for using insecticides to remove bees.

What makes Beegone® unique?

  • Comb and bee extraction

  • Environmentally friendly, no chemical contamination

  • Fixed Quotes

  • Cherry picker and scaffold access licence for hard to reach areas

  • Bee proofing included after removal and relocation

  • 3-15 year guarantee!

  • Qualified for minor work on listed buildings

  • Fully insured to carry out all aspects of the job

  • DBS enhanced checked.

For Expert Removal of Honeybees


Free Phone:
0800 9551 999
or email us here

For Expert Removal of Honeybees


Free Phone:
0800 9551 999
or email us here

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