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Honey dripping down chimney

If you are noticing a dark sticky substance then its probably honey running down the chimney, there is a good chance you may have a bee colony in your chimney.

If you are uncertain - rather phone us to come and check as we have specialised equipment to see just how extensive the problem may be.

Removing honey bee hives from chimneys whilst keeping the bees alive is a dangerous task and one only for a bee removal specialist. We carry out the access to the chimney, bee removal and building work even on listed buildings.

What makes Beegone® unique?

  • Comb and bee extraction

  • Environmentally friendly, no chemical contamination

  • Fixed Quotes

  • Cherry picker and scaffold access licence for hard to reach areas

  • Bee proofing included after removal and relocation

  • 3-15 year guarantee!

  • Qualified for minor work on listed buildings

  • Fully insured to carry out all aspects of the job

  • DBS enhanced checked.

For Expert Removal of Honeybees


Free Phone:
0800 9551 999
or email us here

We will listen/reply to your specific problem and provide free advise over the phone.

We carry out an on-site consultation to provide a report and quote. We do this to remove risks to, you, our team, other people and the building. Possible site risks – asbestos, wiring cables, working at height. We may carry out a Drone Survey of the chimney(s) if required. Never attempt to remove bees yourself. Here are some possible risks.

Your detailed report includes:
- Correct leading expert advice on removal and prevention.
- Access needs for your property.
- A proper fixed and detailed quotation with supporting images.

We carry out the work effectively, safely and rapidly!

We bee proof the area and guarantee no other bees return after extraction.