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Drone Surveys

Thanks to modern technology we at Beegone are able to get up close to the bee issues at hand. With our drone we can access difficult to reach areas of roofs, chimneys and walls to ascertain where the bees are entering the building.

The drone we use gives us excellent high definition footage of the problem at a much faster speed and lower cost, with no risk as no one has to climb on your roof, chimney or up ladders. This footage is then captured as high resolution images into your detailed survey report.

Why move Honeybees from void spaces?

Leaving honeybees or combs within any void space can be a major disease source for local healthy colonies. The main disease they pass on to other hives is called American Foul Broad & European Foul Broad amongst others.  Robber Honeybees from other healthy hives pick up contamination when they visit the diseased hives to steal ready made honey. They then pass it on and it has a snow ball effect. So in simple terms it is actually better for Honeybees to carry out live bee & comb removal and then bee proof that void so no others can get back in. 

 Risks of not removing bees

  • Structural damage
  • Infestation spreading deeper within the property
  • Swarming bees 
  • Honey leakage and damage to interior of property
  • Fire risk ( wax is flammable) when dealing with chimney flues
  • The hive has diseases which can be passed on to other healthy, domestic and wild colonies
  • Honeycomb can block gas chimney flues or other fuel type flues
  • Secondary insect infestations, ants, wasps, wax moth, hive beetle & mites

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