Non-lethal Honeybee Removal From Roofs

Honeybee Removal From Roofs

Removal of bees from roofs is a common exercise for us here at Beegone honeybee removal.

They are normally in places where many say they cannot be removed – don’t worry, we guarantee you we can help! Many times we actually save our clients money by removing them without the need for access equipment, as we remove them from inside too. See the pictures here:

  • We dont use insecticide or pesticide
  • We give you a 10 year guarantee minimum
  • We carry out the building work, bee removal & access to the roof
  • We do the bee removal without killing bees
  • The Beegone® team uniquely prevent other bees returning
  • Honeycomb and bees removed (not just sprayed & killed)

Although the number of insects may vary, which do yours look like the most?

Honey Bee


Bumble Bee

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