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We save bees!

Bee removal from roofs is a common exercise for us here at Beegone® honeybee removal.

They are normally in places where many say they cannot be removed – don’t worry, we guarantee you we can help! Many times we actually save our clients money by removing them without the need for access equipment as we can sometimes remove them from inside too. See the pictures here:

Did you know that Beegone® are qualified to work on Grade I and II listed buildings!

What makes Beegone® unique?

  • Comb and bee extraction

  • Environmentally friendly, no chemical contamination

  • Fixed Quotes

  • Cherry picker and scaffold access licence for hard to reach areas

  • Bee proofing included after removal and relocation

  • 3-15 year guarantee!

  • Qualified for minor work on listed buildings

  • Fully insured to carry out all aspects of the job

  • DBS enhanced checked.

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