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The Essential Site Consultation Survey

If you need bees and comb removed from a structure then call us and book the essential site consultation survey. This survey visit is the first step in an important process. This is a prerequisite that allows us to provide many benefits like the 3-15 year guarantee and fixed quote. 
The essential site consultation survey ensures the safety of you, our team, your property, the public and of course the bees! The visit ensures we establish the correct type of access equipment needed to get to the area. If the work required is needed to be done at height - we do not work from ladders as this is illegal to do for our company and its dangerous due to the technicality of the bee removal process. 
The essential site consultation survey ensures we have the correct type of materials and equipment at the start of the job so the bees are extracted efficiently and without long periods of disruption which is not good for the bees.

Our Survey will provide you with the following:

  • A detailed report and a complete solution to our survey findings.  
  • Recommended equipment and service to ensure you receive the full benefit of effective bee removal and prevention.
  • Report and recommendations in complete compliance to related legislation protecting our beneficial and important honeybees. 


Food and Environment Protection Act 1985 
Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 and 1987 as amended
Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 
Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 as amended
Biocidal Product Regulations 2001 as amended

Fines of up to £25,000 can be awarded to companies and individuals not following the legal obligations.

Here at Beegone® Live Honeybee Removal we operate using our CARP framework.  

This vital model allows us to assess a complete solution & guarantee the corresponding benefits to the customer in the following ways:

  • Consultation - Expert knowledge & experience to safely and throughly examine how to remove the colony. 
  • Access - Access equipment supplied to safely reach the bees within the structure, removing risks. 
  • Removal - Using our proven and secret equipment and methods we remove the combs and bees.
  • Prevention - We are able to  guarantee no other colonies return after extraction, this is unique of Beegone®.
Our CARP framework provides no risk to other honeybees, protects the structure they are removed from and prevents insecticide entering the human food chain by robber bees. It enables Beegone® to guarantee no other swarms re-colonise the void after this specialist and unique extraction work. In the very unlikely event they do we will return to free of charge to deal with them again. 

Drone Surveys

We also offer Drone Surveys for those hard to reach places. We can get up close to your bee problem.

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    As part of our duty to care towards you it is important you know the following:

    Please note simply spraying or smoke bombing the honeybees will not resolve the problem, even if the combs and nest entrances are sealed after its done. Based upon our experience this has a massive negative impact on honeybees and does not resolve the problem as the combs are still in situ. (it's also often done illegally). Spraying bees with chemicals often annoys them and will make them very angry (rightly so). If you have a problem with bees entering the house, spraying them will increase this problem dramatically and therefore they will be more likely to sting then before. 
    Leaving honeycomb in a void will harbour moth infestations and mites, it can also smell and melt causing it to come through in to the property and can cause significant damage. A honeybee colony can easily harbour over 300 kg of honey depending on age and size of the colony and anywhere from thousands of worker bees to 80,000 workers or more!

    Why move Honeybees from void spaces?

    Leaving honeybees or combs within any void space can be a major disease source for local healthy colonies. The main disease they pass on to other hives is called American Foul Broad & European Foul Broad amongst others.  Robber Honeybees from other healthy hives pick up contamination when they visit the diseased hives to steal ready made honey. They then pass it on and it has a snow ball effect. So in simple terms it is actually better for Honeybees to carry out live bee & comb removal and then bee proof that void so no others can get back in. 

     Risks of not removing bees

    • Structural damage
    • Infestation spreading deeper within the property
    • Swarming bees 
    • Honey leakage and damage to interior of property
    • Fire risk ( wax is flammable) when dealing with chimney flues
    • The hive has diseases which can be passed on to other healthy, domestic and wild colonies
    • Honeycomb can block gas chimney flues or other fuel type flues
    • Secondary insect infestations, ants, wasps, wax moth, hive beetle & mites