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Why Bee Gone® Are Unique

At BeeGone® honeybee removal, we truly understand how precious our bees are. Because of this we were invited to show bees saved by the beegone® team to HM The Queen in London in March 2016.

We remove bees alive & relocate from chimneys, roofs, walls & trees. No insecticide is used and prevention is guaranteed.

We are insured to carry out bee removal and minor building works. We also use (in house) safe access including machinery and tower scaffolding.


More Reasons..

  • We have a great relationship with our fully employed specialist beegone® team.
  • We guarantee no other colonies will return in to the exact same void.
  • We will point out other areas of concern and will provide a solution for this area too.
  • We carry out the building work required to properly remove and relocate the bee colony and honeycomb. This also prevents other bees gaining access again.
  • We carry out the beekeeping skills to give the bees the best chance of survival.
  • We provide the specialist access (use of cherry pickers) in house.
  • We use specialist  software to manage the work and payments.
  • Our enthusiastic operatives love the work and none our staff are sub contracted


  • Unlike other firms we actually guarantee no return of other bees from 3-25 years after extraction.
  • We are accredited by checkatrade, Trading Standards Approved  and certificated by the Property Care Association (the PCA)

We are a training provider on bee removal from structures with over 20 lectures completed in 12 months at other professional associations relating to bees.

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