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Our mission

BeeGone uses no insecticides and is completely environmentally friendly. We cover the entire UK and have a team of trained and dedicated technicians.

To educate people and businesses on what honeybees look like and how to deal with them, to remove feral honeybees from structures and to relocate and prevent them from returning. To make a difference to the way honeybees are dealt with. To reduce the need for pesticides.
Honeybees will colonise any cavity in a structure built by man or naturally occurring like hollows in trees, it’s when they do this in occupied buildings or near man they can become risks to public health or buildings. Most honeybees will need to be provoked for them to then attack.

There are many dangers related to the removal of honeybees from structures, this includes, the obvious stings from the insects, working at heights, asbestos and other dangerous building fabrics. Here at BeeGone we make sure none of these dangers come into play and pride ourselves in our safe working ethic and site specific risk assessments, keeping you, the public, our team and the environment safe during this specialist work.

BeeGone was started by Peter Higgs, after realising the importance of honeybees and the serious problems in the uk resulting in them being killed. This is usually from pest controllers misidentifying them as wasps, or just treating them for an easy £50.00.

Where We Operate

BeeGone operates from Badgers Holt , Ewhurst, surrey, GU6 7QJ but we have national coverage.